Change-Ability Check #3: Your Strategy


In the change-ability check we use for “Change Design Works”, there is a first item about whether your organisation’s vision and long-term goals inspire (mostly) clarity or confusion and a second item about the engagement and drive within your organisation and whether this is best summarised by passion or by apathy.

If your vision and long-term goals are clear and the people fully engaged (passionaries), a commonly understood and shared strategy sets all systems on “go.”

If, Instead, a lacking or unknown company strategy can make everybody “pause” rather than “go.”

If you would ask employees of corporations with clearly articulated public strategies to identify their company’s strategy in a multiple choice question less than 30% would be able to recognise it*. If you know where you are going, and you really want to go there, but you don’t know how, you are stuck (and your engagement will soon falter too).

What would happen in your company if everybody understands the strategy, provides valuable input to it, and actively applies it in daily activities? This is within your reach.

Strategy development and implementation is this fascinating and challenging endeavour of combining leadership with management. The joys and the benefits of seeing everybody “get” strategy is well worth the effort because your company’s strategy leads your people to go (or – when it is lacking – to pause).

Organisational change doesn’t have to be so hard.

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