Your Network should Match Your Strategy


Did you know your company’s network of strategy partners influences your strategy?

1. Are you the hub in a network of partners that do not interact with one another?

This “hub and spoke model”  means you have a higher chance of producing breakthrough ideas, but in a time of crisis… you will be on your own. Examples: Samsung, Boeing

2. Are you part of a web of interconnected partners?

This “integrated model” means that you are less likely to create radical ideas, but interconnected partners reach out to each other in times of need. Examples: Sony, Sharp, Toshiba.

Henrich Greve and others have done 12 years of research in Alliance networks and found that you can and should tailor your network to suit your strategy, position and business environment. One of their conclusions is that Sony would be better off with a hub and spoke model.

Does your network suit your strategy?

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