Moving beyond Death-by-Powerpoint?


In an earlier post we addressed the need to open up the learner and to spice up the learning referring to accelerated learning. At Maxilliant we have found that adding simulation to our workouts is another key to high learning retention or as we refer to it: “What you do on Monday”.

There are (at least) three levels of change, which can be affected by training:

  1. Knowledge-change: you will leave the training knowing something you did not know before;
  2. Attitude-change: you will leave the training having a different perspective than you had before; and
  3. Behavior-change: you will leave the training behaving in a different way you did before.

Part of the issue of what is often referred to as Death-by-Powerpoint is that many still believe that if we hear or see something it will be enough to change our behaviour. If we are changed at all – a big IF! – it will only be knowledge change. It is like ‘knowing’ there is global warming….

An Attitude-change is a next level change (i.e. now you are concerned about global warming). This is already a win but still not good enough as a changed perspective most of the time does not lead to the third level change: Behavior-Change (i.e. now you start to recycle, etc). This only happens when we practice, when we start developing new habits, and when we do this in the team we work in on a day-to-day basis. And this is where simulation comes in.

Simulation is generally defined as artificial environments that are carefully created to manage an individuals’ experiences of reality through content, immersion, interactivity and communication. Nowadays this is often done through the use of computers.

At Maxilliant’s workouts, however, we use real-life simulation where teams do hands-on – and we would say business life-changing – simulations which immediately translate into changed behaviour.

What will you do different on Monday (Today!)?

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