Internal Crowdsourcing to Democratize Strategy


Crowdsourcing – a term coined in 2006 – is typically used in conjunction with open innovation and idea exchange. Daniel Stieger et al. propose a very practical company-internal-application of crowdsourcing as a means to democratise strategy. They successfully applied this approach in an Austrian medium-sized technology company.

The objectives of internal crowdsourcing are five-fold:

  1. Energising: every single employee in the company has a voice and can participate in the discussion on equal footing;
  2. Listening: Listening to employees and harbour reservoirs of information;
  3. Talking: Employees can participate in stimulating conversations to understand each others’ point of view;
  4. Supporting: Employees can get acquainted with employees of other departments and support each other;
  5. Embracing: Identify engaged employees with outstanding understanding of problems or with innovative ideas.

In this Austrian research project the focus was on using a technology to facilitate these five-fold objectives. However, it turned out using crowdsourcing really facilitated democratising the strategy in this company. 

How far is your company  in democratising its strategy?

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