Are you Growing Stronger or more Dependent?

In a recent blog post, Ron Ashkenas indicates that change management projects consistently show a failure rate between 60 and 70%… With a failure rate like this most disciplines would be be shut down.  However, Ashkenas says the content of change management is reasonably correct, but the management capacity to implement it is underdeveloped.

Over the past 20 years of being active as consultant, trainer and executive I have found that many of the consulting and training initiatives make companies more dependent rather than stronger. In fact, this has been a key motivation to found Maxilliant. For everything we do with companies and organisations the question is:

What will they do different and better on Monday (or any other next day after a workout)?

For a consultant/trainer a-job-well-done means a-job-no-longer-there. So, the key question for you to ask after an consultant or trainer has offered services is this:

Am I growing stronger or more dependent?

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