Top Performance starts with Asking Questions



The challenges of reaching top performance are many. A good start is to ask questions, many questions. Nicolas Bloom and others provide a list:

  1. Clarity and Comparability of Goals: Does anyone complain that the targets are too complex?
  2. Interconnection of Targets: How are goals cascaded down to individual workers?
  3. Performance Tracking: What key indicators do you use for performance tracking?
  4. Performance Dialogue: For a given problem, how do you identify the root cause?
  5. Continuous Improvement: How do problems typically get exposed and fixed?
  6. Consequence Management: How do you deal with repeated failures in a specific business segment?
  7. Removing Poor Performers: How long is underperformance tolerated?
  8. Unique Employee-Value Proposition: What makes it distinctive to work at your company?
  9. Instilling a Talent Mind-Set: How do senior managers show that attracting and developing talent is top priority?
  10. Retaining Talent: What does the company do about a star performer who wants to leave?


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