Hiding Information is Bad for You


It is quite easy to understand how keeping information from your colleagues would be negative for their creativity and for the organisational creativity as a whole.  However, could it be that hiding information would be bad for the creativity of the hider?

Recent research says: YES!

Hiding triggers a so-called reciprocal distrust loop, which works much like a boomerang. Your hiding of information or knowledge leads to distrust and this distrust leads to reciprocated hiding… And this – in turn – impedes your own creativity. Moreover, if you work in a performance climate (where normative ability, social comparison and intrateam competition is emphasised) this negative effect is further amplified.

From recent research we know that helping and having a so-called giving culture is a great predictor of a successful organisation. However, if that is not a good enough reason to help… not helping is also bad for your personal success.

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