Change-Ability Check #6: Your Alignment

You have a strong, magnetic and clear vision providing motivation to most involved. There is also a good strategy and a proper resource base.

And, yet, if you could have all of the above, but have division in the organisation and in the management team, it still will not amount to success.


Alignment is a so-called “moderator” variable for everything going on in a change effort.

Ask yourself is your organisation is mostly characterised by alignment or by division?

Alignment could and should be central to a change effort.

Alignment is about behavioural integrity – the perceived pattern of alignment between words and deeds.

Words and deeds of your manager, of your co-worker, or your team, and the alignment between words and deeds of you.

Alignment is not the same as unanimity because it is about being involved, having your voice heard, and about designing the best possible response to the challenges a company is faced with.

So, behavioural integrity is not about the morality of principles, of your company’s vision and values. It is about the congruence between talk and walk and between walk and talk.

Behavioural integrity – as such – is a key antecedent of trust and credibility.

When there is misalignment between what we say and what we subsequently do… we are living the old hypocrisy saying:

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

Nothing breaks down an organisational change effort faster.

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