Are You a Team-Oriented Leader or a Self-Serving Leader?


What would you answer if someone asked you whether you are a team-oriented leader or a self-serving leader? Right, this is not a good question as it implies a preferred answer. Most would say they are a team-oriented leader. But, what does this mean? Team-oriented leadership behaviour includes:

  • Showing an attitude of commitment to the team;
  • Displaying Fair behaviours and decisions;
  • Sacrificing personal interest on followers’ behalf;
  • Respecting and trusting followers; and
  • Demonstrating successful performance on behalf of the team.

If you truly want to know if you are a team-oriented leader you can simply answer the following question: How do you lead when you think nobody is watching?

Research demonstrates that team-oriented leaders lead with team-oriented behaviours regardless whether they know they will be held accountable or not. Self-serving leaders, instead, show more team-oriented behaviour if they know they will be held accountable.

So, how do you lead your team if nobody is watching?

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